Wall Sawing

The sawing of vertical concrete surfaces (wall sawing) is one of the newest developments in the field of concrete wall cutting. Concrete Coring Company’s patented 400 Hz powered equipment is the fastest cutting, most powerful equipment in the industry.

These lightweight portable saws have changed the character of building modifications. The dustless, vibration-free cutting ability of a Wall Saw, with a matched diamond blade, has made pneumatic breaking obsolete.

Wall Sawing and Diamond Tools

The cutting of openings in concrete walls with diamond tools causes no structural damage, requires no patching, and is dustless. The convenience of sawing and completely removing many openings in one day cannot be accomplished by any other method.

Speed, efficiency and silence of cutting are invaluable assets when wall sawing is required in occupied structures. People in hospitals and commercial buildings such as telephone companies, seldom know that major changes are being made when we are working
on the structures.